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Bellewood - A LifeMinded® Residence

Assisted Living Bellevue WA Retirement - Senior Community

Bellewood Retirement Community is proud to present the finest in senior care and assisted living for active, engaged Bellevue seniors at our picturesque Washington location. Bellewood’s sprawling, garden-like setting combines the peaceful woodlands atmosphere of our manicured, fir lined grounds with the convenience of being situated very close to everything the Eastside area has to offer. Schedule a viewing of our Bellewood Lifeminded® Residence today.


Bellewood is an idyllic retirement community sitting on a sprawling, four-acre, woodland area that provides the quiet, tranquil atmosphere you prefer while remaining just a short drive or ride away from the action and excitement of the Eastside. See our Apartments & Rates page for floor plans, rates, and a full list of amenities.


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Bellevue brings a personal touch to “assisted living” by offering an assortment of personal assistant services that are individualized to your needs and available when, and only when you need it.



Change is inevitable, but living at Bellewood means rent increases don’t have to be. With our residents consistently living longer than expected, we at Bellewood are proud to have found a way to help our community plan for the future with financial certainty.


LifeMinded is in everything we do.


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Kessa M.

I visited this community with my colleague as a performing musician. The me…

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Lisa F.

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So warm and welcoming when I came to visit! Great staff and residents are l…

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Norris N.

Look so happy

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Airess A.

A lovely place to work with a wonderful family atmosphere for both staff an…

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Mariah H.

My grandma used to live here and now I work as wait staff. Bellewood is suc…

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We found Bellewood through A Place for Mom, and moved my parents there in M…

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Janice Q.

Moved here in August last August from Iowa. Terrific!

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Jim M.

Great location they take care of my mom very well

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Very good

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Carly D.

I had the opportunity to volunteer at Bellewood to fulfill one of my colleg…

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Leslie K.

Staff who truly care!

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Shealyn Z.

Meaningful place to work!

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This is the absolute Best Retirement Community EVER!!!

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John B.

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Meet Dorothy and Maggie.


At Bellewood, whether you live here or work here, you're a vital part of the community. Here’s an introduction to a few of those folks.



Living engaged and with purpose. Here's how we help our residents and staff live LifeMinded everyday:

Visit our Apartments & Rates page to view floor plans, pricing, and a full list of amenities included in your rent.




Proud to have 100% of our Staff & Residents vaccinated!

Learn more about our commitment to living LifeMinded here.

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Not necessarily. Learn more about the ins and outs of retired independent living so you can make the right decision for you.


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When you join the Bellewood team, it’s more than just a job.



At Bellewood, whether you live here or work here, you're a vital part of the community. Here’s an introduction to a few of those folks.



No matter where you choose to live, this information can help you make an informed decision.





Our bodies change as we age.

Our minds change, our personalities change, and our bodies definitely change. Our Bellevue assisted living staff know exactly what our bodies need most, when, and how much.

While our dietary requirements also change over time, healthy eating remains a vitally important part of living an active, engaged life. Among seniors, poor eating habits, and a lack of proper nutrition is mistaken for illness. So it is that the consumption of healthy food and key nutrients represent sound, preventable medicine for everyone, but especially our senior population.


Bellevue Assisted Living Community Wellness Program

Many things can interfere with the worthy goal of maintaining proper nutrition and diet. Changes in our dental or gastrointestinal conditions can affect which foods we can enjoy and which become unappealing to us over time. Lack of skill or interest in cooking, financial restrictions and lack of access to supermarkets and other grocery stores can also hinder the ability to establish and maintain proper dietary standards.

It is customary to expend less energy as we grow older, though striving to remain active can help offset this, so our caloric needs tend to decline accordingly and we may eat progressively less over time. This is why it becomes so crucial that we make sure to get those key nutrients into our diets. Common nutrient deficiencies include inadequate intake of vitamin A, B, C, D, E, folic acid and niacin. By focusing on whole, and healthy foods; fruits & vegetables, whole grains, and high protein foods like meat, eggs, tofu, nuts and seeds, we can make sure to pack the nutrition we need into the calories we take in. We want to avoid low nutrient foods like solid fats and added sugars that may not leave enough room in our diet for the healthful, nutritious foods we need. To avoid gaps in our daily nutritional requirements we can use a multivitamin, but we never want to let multivitamins and other supplements act as a substitute for healthy, nutrient dense foods.

Bellewood’s Lifeminded senior apartment communities work hard to make sure the dietary needs of our residents are met by providing access to well balanced meals made with quality ingredients. A run of the mill menu of the same foods over and over quickly becomes boring and unattractive, but at the same time, it can also be challenging to try new things when it comes to residential meal plans. That’s where full time, on site chefs enter the picture. These talented culinary artists can be found at most senior housing and retirement homes, and can be relied upon to serve up delicious, nutritious foods to delighted patrons.


So, What’s on the Menu at Our Bellevue Senior Living Community?

Bellewood’s Executive Chef Frank Blanchard and his talented kitchen staff proudly create their menus and meals based on Franks extensive culinary experience and lots of input from our happy, well-fed residents! Frank and our other chefs use the finest ingredients, including seasonal herbs sourced locally and even from our own gardens, to add flavor and flair to their exceptional dishes. They take special care to tailor meals to resident preferences and even to individual dietary needs. At Bellewood’s Lifeminded Bellevue retirement community, we’re proud to say our cuisine is not dictated by a corporate entity, unlike many national senior care and assisted living franchises. We cater to the likes and needs of our residents, and our dining staff work hard to ensure there are healthy options, like a full, fresh salad bar each and every day. We also special fare on hand for special occasions like birthdays and other festive events.

We strive to make our meals healthy and nutritious, but we also want them to be part of the day’s social activities too. And in the event that one of our residents isn’t feeling up to visiting our dining room, we’ve got prompt room service options available as well.

Some senior or assisted living communities offer meals, but few include meals as a part of their basic services. At our Bellevue assisted living residences, we consider our meal program to be an integral part of promoting the health and longevity of our residents, so daily dinners in our garden dining hall is including in the month rent. Our residents take their meals when they like, how they like and in any combination. Missed meals can be “made up” at any time during that same month.


No compromise on quality of life - the best assisted living Bellevue communities know this

At Bellewood, our dining plan lets your tailor your dining to your lifestyle.

Staying Social
Staying Social



Why Bellevue Senior Care Programs Prioritize Community

Our worlds tend to get smaller as we age. There are many reasons for this but studies have found that it’s not good for our health. Staying social is associated with heart and immune system health, lowering depression risk and overall longer life. Being isolated triggers feelings of loneliness that can put your body into a chronic stress response, and constant presence of stress hormones leading to poor health outcomes.

Shrinking social circles, poor health, life changes, and transportation issues can all inhibit your ability to have an active social life. That’s why living in a Bellevue senior living or senior housing community that promotes health and activity, while making socializing easy and convenient, is critical to living a vibrant and engaged senior life. This is what makes Bellevue senior care work more complex but also more rewarding.


Here are some suggestions on how to stay social:

One-on-one time: Meet up for coffee or tea with a friend. Make it a regular date so you don’t have to remember to schedule it again and again. Invite someone over for a meal at your home. Take your pet (or just yourself) on a walk to somewhere where people congregate. Video chats or phone calls can be good substitutes when distance is a factor, but it’s worth the effort to get face-to-face in the same room whenever possible.

Group activities can be beneficial because they have structure and usual meeting times so you can meet new people and develop friendships by seeing people on a regular basis. It’s one of the advantages of living at an assisted living or senior housing apartment communities, but you can still be social even if you aren’t part of a retirement community. Explore the options at your local religious organization, or non-profit to be a part of group studies, choirs, book clubs, or service projects. Even if you don’t like big groups, there are lots of activities that are ideal for 3, 4 or 5 people; take that walk together, play a board game, or maintain a communal garden, a little company goes a long way in keeping you healthy.

How social is the Bellevue Senior Living Community? 

Bellewood prides itself on assisting seniors expand their social circles and improving their quality of life each and every day. Living in a senior apartment at Bellewood means being embraced by a community. For us Bellevue assisted living is all about helping our residents get the most out of every aspect of their lives, including being as socially active as they want. We offer many opportunities to build meaningful new relationships and nurture longstanding ones. We also offer group discussions and other structured support for residents seeking camaraderie and connection. Staying social is an important part of our Living LifeMinded philosophy to senior independent living, you can learn more here.


Making Connections

We know for most people moving into a Bellevue retirement home or senior apartment is a big change so to help with that we make it easy to get to know other residents. Each time you visit prior to moving in, we’ll introduce you to many of the people who live and work here. We hope that by the time you join us, you will already know several people by name. When you move into your senior apartment, our relocation coordinator will be available to answer all the questions you or your family may have. We also have a group of residents who serve as “ambassadors” and welcome new residents. Providing great meals is part of any assisted living Bellevue community but just as nutritional is the social aspect of dinner; our maître d’ will seat you, introducing you to your tablemates. In no time at all, you’ll feel like one of the family.

Every day we prove that independent living doesn’t mean isolated living. Just the opposite! We provide many other opportunities to get to know your senior living community. We offer classes covering a variety of topics. Our exercise classes include Qi gong (and ancient practice combining stretching, balance and mindful breathing) and our Pole Walkers who love to take walks and log miles together. Senior living doesn’t have to be boring. We have lots of opportunities to exercise your brain; we have regular book clubs and often have authors come read their own works in the flesh! We also feature classes covering content provided by The Great Courses, which includes anything from wine tasting, music appreciation and much more. For your creative bone, we offer many visual arts classes, such as water color painting, beadwork, driftwood sculpture. You can also join our Bellepoint Singers choir and enjoy singing in several public performances throughout the year. There’s always something going on at Bellewood, and there’s always room for one more - join us.

Making the Transition
Making the Transition


Few things are as personal to most people as their homes. It’s the literal center of the lives of most and the idea of leaving the memories and experiences of a lifetime be one the most emotionally trying experiences a person can have. Moving into an assisted living or senior care retirement community can make the experience even more emotionally fraught for seniors who were formerly autonomous and independent. Even when it leads directly to a better quality of life; as is the case among the prevailing majority, the very act of transitioning can be traumatic and upsetting.

To minimize the shock and possible resistance to this fairly common situation, the first step is always to approach the issue as a family, with honest communication as openly, and as early in the process, as possible. It is never too early to open this line of dialogue, and this allows all parties involved to process the idea, express their feelings, and align their expectations gradually, as opposed to under a deadline of when papers have to be signed and moving processes started.

Starting the process of discussion early can remove the kneejerk reaction of terms like “retirement community” or “assisted living.” Some seniors hear this term and approach any dialogue from the point of view that leaving their home means giving up their independence, despite clinical and anecdotal evidence to the contrary.  

What Do "Senior Living" And "Assisted Living" Mean?

“Senior communities” is a catch-all phrase that usually encompasses a variety of different types of senior residences. Terms that may fall under this umbrella include:

  • Retirement communities
  • Assisted & independent living communities
  • Senior living apartments
  • Elderly housing

While the names may be interchangeable to some extent, these communities are grouped roughly by services and range of assistance offered to persons 55 years or older. As a community service, this assistance allows seniors to maintain their independence longer than they would living on their own, or even as a couple.

Ideally, senior living communities are intended to be places where seniors can be active, vibrant individuals. The archetypal image of sad, depressing sterile atmospheres could not be further from the truth. Bellewood is proud to be a perfect example of what a local Bellevue retirement community has to offer - fulfillment , independence, engagement, activities, and residents filled with joy.

There are many types of communities out there: retirement communities, assisted and independent living, senior living apartments, elderly housing. These communities offer a large range of assistance to the 55 and older population, and can often help seniors maintain their independence longer than if they were living on their own or as a couple. Many of these senior living communities are meant for seniors who are active and vibrant, and need not be viewed as a sad or depressing location, they can be just the opposite! Bellewood exemplifies a lively retirement home community filled with independent and active people.

The choice to transition to life at a Bellevue retirement community can ease the level of effort needed by caregiving family members, who can now spend more quality time with their loved ones, instead of attending to necessary medical duties. By deciding to make the move early on while still able to do so for themselves, the parent or relative can relieve the caregiver of the often-excruciating responsibility of having to make the decision for an unwilling senior.

Once the family has come to a consensus, formulate a plan as a team, understand that no one can reasonably expect to live alone and take care of themselves forever. Making the decision to transition to senior living while healthy and capable can allow seniors to remain active and engaged longer.

Is Bellewood Senior Apartment Community The Right Place For You?

Our active community is proud to present itself as a Bellevue senior living community designed to attract and facilitate active, independent people over 55 and looking to enjoy their golden years with independence and security. Our services and amenities are structured with the intention of allowing our residents to age in place and enjoy their autonomy even as their physical capabilities change with time.

The Bellewood community cordially invite you to come see the LifeMinded difference for yourself. Come to our Senior Apartment Community and visit one of our guest apartments for a few days and determine for yourself if we’re the right community for your or your loved one.

Our LifeMinded approach to senior care means a great many people who move to Bellewood live longer and more comfortably than they imagined they would. We have a yearly celebration for our Perfect 10 club; comprised of staff and residents who have been with us for over ten years! Our Perfect 10s represent the lifeblood of our community and are a vital part of the Bellewood family.

Transition to senior care living can is a huge step, but we try to make it as smooth as possible. We encourage prospective residents to become familiar with the staff and other residents of our community. This is in the hope that by the time residents move in, they will already be familiar with other members of our community. To that end, we keep a relocation coordinator on hand to answer any orientation questions a new resident or their family may have. We also are proud to offer a select group of residents known as “ambassadors” whose sole objective is to welcome new residents and help them settle in. Moving to senior care is a big step, but at Bellewood, you won’t have to do it alone.

Independent Living
Independent Living


Independence is something we all hold dear. We desperately wanted our independence as teenagers and hold on to the concept even more dearly as we age. Nobody wants to give up their independence and few are thrilled about the idea of going to a retirement home. It’s the number one reason people state for staying in their own home instead of moving to a senior apartment community yet there’s a problem with that logic - let's discuss some counter-intuitive facts.

Staying in our homes tends have the opposite effect on our independence. Instead of giving us freedom, it tends to restrict us. Visiting friends and staying active can be difficult when living in one’s own home with limited access to transportation and activities. Maintaining and cleaning a house also requires time and money, which can limit many people’s choices and activities. Independence does not mean isolation but that’s often the result of “staying in my home.”

We ensure that our Bellevue assisted living residents keep their independence for as long as possible, and only "assist" them when there is a need for it.

People who move to an assisted living or Independent Senior Living Community have fewer logistical barriers and tend to become more active, have more social interaction and live fuller more purposeful lives. Most residents at Bellewood Senior Living Community will tell you they resisted moving from their own homes as long as possible, but they will also tell you after making the move, they wish they had done it sooner.


What is an Independent Senior Living Community?

An Independent Senior Living Community is a community of active, healthy seniors who are able to live on their own. It may take the form of a neighborhood, apartment complex or a single large building. Independent living is frequently referred to as retirement communities, retirement homes, senior apartments, or senior housing. The key component is that you live in close proximity to one another which allows for a wide array of benefits. At Bellewood these benefits include amenities that are very expensive or simply not available to an individual or couple, such as housekeeping, salons, transportation, security, a concierge, fitness center, and large communal rooms. Additional benefits if you choose to partake include a wide array of planned social activities, fitness and wellness programs, and meal services. Even if you choose not to engage socially, prepare your own meals and spend time out and about by yourself the peace of mind in being part of a larger retirement community is always there.


Aging in place.

Many Senior Living Communities also allow for “aging in place”. They are designed to accommodate seniors even as they lose some independence. Most find they do not have to leave their community, since it’s designed with amenities such as elevators, wide hallways, and easy access to part- or full-time caregivers. Should one need immediate assistance, every Bellewood senior apartment is set up with a voice activated call system for help. No need to search for pull cords or finding a phone, just a verbal expression of distress will alert the staff you need assistance. All of this is designed to allow you to age in place and results in a healthier mental and emotional state during any necessary recuperation.


Is the Bellewood Senior Living Community the right place for you?

Just as every resident is unique, so is every senior housing or independent living community. Unlike most senior apartments that are owned by large corporations Bellewood is a family owned community that just celebrated its 30th anniversary. We are proud of the longevity of our residents and our staff. It all adds up to a strong, healthy and supportive community. The best way to see if Bellewood is right for you is to come in and visit. We know it’s a big decision and we let you take your time; there is no hard sell, just a chance to see and feel the difference. Meet the staff and residents, have a meal or spend a few days in the guest apartments (a wonderful benefit for residents families who visit from out of state) and participate in a social event or two. After that we’re sure you’ll know if Bellewood Senior Living Community is right for you.

Fitness – Body & Mind
Fitness – Body & Mind


Understanding your body and its relationship to nutrition and physical activity is critical to staying active as you age. You must also take responsibility for your health, by instituting good eating and active habits, and paying attention to your body’s warning signs.

Older adults who stay physically active live for longer have healthier (biologically younger) brains. Exercise can also help you avoid those pesky winter cold and flu viruses, while also lowering your likelihood of having more chronic conditions, such as heart disease or Type 2 diabetes. Lots of people want to stay physically active, but making those habits and exercising discipline can be challenging, that’s where an assisted living, senior living or senior apartment community in Bellevue can help! By making exercise structured, convenient, and social, our Bellevue retirement community program ensures that you can meet your daily physical activity goals, enhance your life, and enjoy doing it.


Assisted Living Bellevue Staff Knows the Importance of Exercise

In the same way that physical exercise can enhance your brain function, by exercising your brain, you can help your overall health. By challenging yourself, learning new things, and doing tasks that require active engagement, memory function can be improved and also increase seniors’ sense of well-being.

Many older adults find that living in an assisted living or senior housing community greatly enhances their ability to stay active by taking advantage of the senior-focused and structured wellness, fitness and nutritional programs offered by the retirement home.


How can living at Bellevue Senior Living Community help you stay active?

Too often, we’re told aging must be a time of diminished expectations, contribution, and exploration. We vigorously disagree. Since we opened our doors as a senior housing and independent living community in 1986, our residents have benefited from a much different approach. We call it LifeMinded. This is the difference between Bellewood and a generic Bellevue retirement home that doesn't put effort into quality.

Through this approach, we help every person who lives at Bellewood create their own personalized program for living a full, satisfying and active life—often a more active life—regardless of their age. Retirement living as it was meant to be lived, full of life.

“A 2017 report from the International Council on Active Aging found that in Life Plan Communities with a wellness program, 91% of residents say their health and wellness is good, very good or excellent.” At Bellewood, LifeMinded promotes the benefits of engaged and independent living, using special, proven practices designed for senior living, based on the "Seven Dimensions of Wellness" model endorsed by the International Council on Active Aging.


Living LifeMinded.

We break down Living LifeMinded into five categories, the first being physical fitness. From yoga to dancercise to walking, we offer many different fitness classes and outdoor activities. Keep your routines fresh and your motivation high as you maintain your all-important balance, core strength, heart health and flexibility.

Another category of LifeMinded is brain fitness. We strive to keep you sharp, and science increasingly shows that a honed and vigorous mind is the key to healthy functioning later in life. We mix learning in a social atmosphere with fun physical fitness exercises to help keep your mind limber and lucid.

The third category of LifeMinded is social connections. Living here means being embraced by a community. We offer many opportunities to build meaningful new relationships and nurture longstanding ones. We also offer group discussions and other structured support for residents seeking camaraderie and connection.

The fourth category of LifeMinded we term Making a Difference. We encourage our residents to pursue their passions. Your life’s work should be for life. We’re here to help as you keep making an impact. Bellewood residents redefine retirement by volunteering, mentoring, creating, and more. Share your vision, and we’ll make the connections that make it possible.



Common Concerns

Living on a fixed income means being afraid you’ll outlive your retirement savings. There are resources seniors can take advantage of to help them maximize the value of their dollar with guidance on spending, budgeting, hiring a financial advisor, and making contingencies for power of attorney in the event you are unable to tend to your own financial affairs. The greater percentage of your savings will be spent on the expenses of living, so making sure your overall financial plan for daily, weekly, and yearly costs are in place beforehand is a vitally important thing to do.

Staying Home Vs. Moving Out

The decision of where to live as we get on in years is not one to be made lightly. Along with finances, we must consider our general health, and mental faculties as we get older. Many senior citizens think remaining in their home is automatically more affordable than becoming part of an assisted living community. While no two cases are the same, it's important to factor in all the many costs associated that may come into play. While there may be no rent or mortgage to speak of, basic home maintenance like roofing, or replacing a water heating unit may add up to substantial costs all the same. There may need to be improvements made to make sure the home remains accessible in the event of medical issues. The expense of installing a ramp, or a stair lift, or remodeling a bathroom to include a curbless shower or handrails can deplete resources quickly but can also add to the value of the home.

Costs associated with an independent living or senior care community can be substantial as well; waiting list deposit, move-in fee, housekeeping, meals, TV, utilities (phone, internet, electricity), transportation, parking, field trips, and wellness programs, these charges can when measured against the taxes and expenses of ownership can still factor out to less money coming out of your reserves in the long run. Most of these charges are included in the monthly rent, and if you’d like more information or a list of Bellewood’s services & amenities, see our Apartments & Rates link at the top of this page. Many of our services can be added or removed for varying costs.

There are also costs associated with independent living and retirement home communities, here are a few things to consider when researching to see what’s included in your monthly rent or joining fee: waiting list deposit, move-in fee, housekeeping, meals, TV, utilities (phone, internet, electricity), transportation, parking, field trips, wellness programs. At Bellewood most of these are included with your monthly rent; you can read about our services and amenities on our Apartments & Rates page. Depending on your needs, desired assisted living Bellevue services are available at varying costs.

Change Is Inevitable; at Bellewood Senior Living Community Rent Increases Don’t Have To Be

The operational costs of a Bellevue retirement home can vary quite significantly. This is because the needs of seniors are not the same, not just because the quality of service is all over the place. That's why you should only make a decision once you have been well informed. Assisted living is at the top of the pyramid when it comes to level of service and environment quality for seniors.

Because financial security is such an important facet of senior living, and because Bellewood residents tend to live longer and more fully than they expected, we have undertaken steps to help our residents plan for their futures with confidence and certainty. Our LifeMinded Rewards program is a one of a kind project that limits or eliminates any rent increases our seniors may experience at any of our locations.

The program is simple and takes effect after a resident has been with our senior living community for just three consecutive years. After that third year, rent is guaranteed to go up no more than 2% per year. After five years, the rent increase will be more than 1% a year and after ten years, rent will cease to go up at all. There are no stipulations, no fine print, and no gimmicks, just an approach that puts our Bellevue retirement community residents, and their financial health first.

We at Bellewood are very proud of our LifeMinded Rewards program. We believe it may be the most unique aspect of our approach to the finances of our residents but it's not our only feature. Prospective residents will find that unlike most retirement and independent senior apartment communities, we are extremely upfront about our fees. You will find them under Apartments & Rates at the top of this page.

Assisted Living
Assisted Living


What is Assisted Living? 

In recent years assisted living has become a catch-all term for any sort of senior living and/or retirement community, but the assistance in "assisted living" tends to vary greatly from community to community. Knowing what you’re looking for in a senior apartment is important when searching for a retirement complex that offers the services you need, both now and in the future.

While there is not an industry standard definition of assisted living, here at Bellewood we have determined there to be two basic types of senior residences that fall under the assisted living category:

  1. Communities that support independent living
  2. Communities that have the added support of onsite medical staff

Most seniors who are active and independent neither want nor need constant on staff medical support as a part of their housing. What they do want more often than not is independent living with the added benefit of amenities that facilitate their autonomy and wellness, like daily meals, housekeeping, fitness programs, social activities, reliable transportation and access to medical services. This is usually considered an independent care senior community. Bellevue assisted living communities that support onsite medical assistance tend to fall under the umbrella of nursing homes.

Does the Bellewood Senior Living Community Offer The Right Level Of Assistance For You?

Bellewood prides itself on our wide array of services and amenities. Among the benefits you’ll find while living at our LifeMinded retirement community, we offer meals, housekeeping, transportation, medication assistance, emergency call service, planned activities and around the clock assistance if needed. Some senior residences are designed to facilitate those who are in greater need of medical support and assistance in general and is in the strictest sense an actual assisted living residence. These communities usually include licensed nurses, medication assistance and round the clock observation of health status and are closer that nursing home categorization. Persons with serious health issues or who are in declining health would be best served by this type of residence. At Bellewood, we represent the space between independent living and assisted living in an approach that allows senior to age in place, meaning that as our resident age and their needs change, they will be able to stay in their residence, or age in place.

Different people need different things, and one size simply doesn’t fit all. Determining the appropriate level of care for you or your loved one is a complex issue, but one that our staff would be happy to help you work your way through. We believe we offer the finest senior care available, but we want people to live where they will receive the care that’s right for them. Call Bellewood today.

Assisted Living FAQ
Assisted Living FAQ


Questions you should ask when deciding on your retirement community:

What are the different levels of care available?

Different senior living and retirement communities offer different levels of care, here are the very basic differences.

Housing only: What you’d expect, 55 and above senior housing. Typically with fitness rooms and common lounges but no meals, no maid service and often no transportation.

Independent Senior Housing: You live and cook in your own space but there are many social opportunities to take advantage of.

Assisted living: This is the hardest to compare as the level of assistance offered vary. At a minimum it should include some meals, transportation, maid service and 24/7 on call assistance. From there the level of care increases with need, offering on site nursing and medical care and eventually providing what it typically thought of as nursing home services. Not all assisted living communities are the same, take your time and shop the ones you are interested in.

Do you offer assisted living services? 

It’s important to determine if the senior living community is the right fit for you, and for your future. Make sure to ask about their assisted living services, transportation, memory care, and wellness programs to determine if it’s the right fit. Read our posts on assisted living and independent living to learn more.

Bellewood residents have access to personal care services in the comfort of their senior apartments. Even though we are an independent senior living community, there is no need to leave Bellewood if you need assistance with grooming, laundry, medication reminders or other personal matters. Access to assisted living services can be provided on your terms by our partners or anyone of your choosing. Read more about our partners and the assisted living services they provide here.

Do you allow pets?

Many assisted living communities and retirement homes do not allow pets. If your pet is an important part of your family, be sure to keep them in mind when selecting where to live, it will be their home too.

At Bellewood, small pets are welcome. We can even help you find dog-walking services.

Will I have to sign a lease?

In order to make a good decision for your senior housing situation, you need to be able to plan for your future, and the unknown that comes with it. Make sure to find out the monthly and annual expenses that will be required by the independent living facility. Some assisted living or senior living communities require an initial deposit or a substantial joining fee. Make sure you know what you’re signing up for and what happens if you have to change your plans, before making any commitments. At Bellewood, we do not require signing a long-term lease, we rent our senior apartments on a month-to-month basis, even though many of our residents stay here for years.

What is the rent and how often does it increase?

This seems pretty simple, but often it’s not. Make sure you get details so you can plan your finances and ensure your future is secure.

You can find out exactly what rents are at Bellewood here and about how we protect our residents from increasing rents with LifeMinded Rewards here.

How does your meal plan work?

Meal plans and the quality of the food are important parts of your decision to join an assisted living community. The dining experience is also important, is it a cafeteria environment? Restaurant-style serving? Can you get room service?

The quality and nutrition of the food should not be overlooked. Adequate nutrition is critical for seniors to maintain muscle mass and overall health.

Bellewood’s monthly food service fee is included in your rent, and provides for the equivalent of one meal per day and you can choose to use those meals whenever you’d like, lunch or dinner.

Do you provide transportation?

Coming home to an inviting home is important, but inorder to come home, you must be able to get out and about. If you don’t drive, or plan to eliminate driving in the future, make sure you have access to the transportation you’ll need for social engagements, shopping, banking, and medical visits, on your schedule.

An important part of enjoying life at Bellewood Senior Apartments is your access to the outside world. Bellewood offers regular transportation to their residents, come see our concierge for details.

Is parking available?

Parking is important to the senior apartment residents who drive, and for those who may come to visit. Ensuring adequate parking is critical for your daily convenience, and also has financial implications if you have to find alternate storage for your vehicle.

Bellewood has plenty of surface parking for you and guests at no extra charge. We’ll even valet your car for you if needed.

Where can my family stay when they come for an extended visit?

For many, leaving their family home often means also leaving their extra guest room. It’s important to ensure that your visitors have a comfortable, affordable, and convenient place to stay when they visit. Make sure you aren’t limited in your ability to visit parents just because they’ve moved to assisted living.

At Bellewood we have apartments available for families use when visiting. This means you don’t have to find a hotel, you’re a short walk away from the folks and most importantly, your parents don’t need to pay for and keep up an extra room or two in their home.

What are community fees?

Community fees are charged by many assisted living or senior apartments to cover the administrative fees associated with a new resident move-in. Typically the fee runs from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. At Bellewood, we do not charge a separate community fee and most of our amenities are included in your monthly rent.